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Mother Nature Can Be Hard on Homes and Electrical Systems

Check out a Behind the Scenes Look at Electrical Work

Aluminum wiring in Austin, Tx Grayzer Electric

Google Aluminum Wire and you'll be horrified by what you find. However, Aluminum is just a metal that needs a little more attention over time than Copper. Take all information from Google with a grain of salt and remember that the house is still standing after all this time. 

General Home Electrical Information

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Taking the Confusion out of Car Charging Station Installations

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Grayzer Electric EV car charging station guide
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Flooding, Lightning, & Surges

Home Buying

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Car Chargers (EVSE)

EV charging level 1 or level 2 which is better Grayzer Electric Austin electrician

Making Sense of the Electrical in a New Home

We break down the differences between a level 1 and a level 2 to help you decide which one is better for you. Our infographic will help you determine which best suits your needs. 

Choosing the right charging station for your electric car can be confusing. We've chosen the most common charging stations and compared them based on the biggest differences we see aside from cost.

Behind the Scenes

Flooded Home - Austin Electrician - Hill Country Flooding - Llano Flood - Flood damage

How to do the Electrical Work Yourself - Safely

Texas summers can be brutal but watching the sunset from your back porch with a ceiling fan is a game changer. We had the average, builder grade light fixture so I went to Home Depot and picked up an outdoor ceiling fan.

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Steps You Can Take to Protect Your Home from a Surge

Whole house surge protection - Austin Electrician - Eaton Ultra Surge Protector - Round Rock Electrician
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