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Step 1. Get a quote from us

Step 2. Carefully read Austin Energy's online application

Step 3. Approve quote and start the permit process. Click Here. You'll need an active permit number for the application.

Step 4. If approved, Austin Energy will electronically issue a Letter of Intent that lists the estimate rebate amount, and a copy of the Rebate and Program Participation Agreement

Step 5. Schedule the work to be done.

Step 6. Submit copies of the contractor's final receipts or invoices to Austin Energy along with a signed copy of the Rebate and Program Participation.

Step 7. Austin Energy will issue a rebate check within 2 to 4 weeks of submission of final paperwork.

Car Charger Rebate Program through Austin Energy

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We have installed many car charging stations from Teslas’s own station to GE to Leviton.  All systems require their own dedicated circuit and usually run on 240 volts.  Amperages can vary.  The Tesla station has dipswitches that allow you to adjust the amperage based on the car and the available power.  To install a car charger we’ll need to know what type of power you need and the distance from the main panel to the location you want the charging station.  Some models require a receptacle to plug the station into.  Also, we’ll need to know the NEMA configuration of that receptacle as well.

Check out Tesla's Charging Estimator to find out which charging option is best for you, Click Here.

Useful Information:

  • Find out how to get Austin Energy's Rebate Home Charging Station Rebate Click Here and learn about how you can get up to $1,500 back. 
  • Vehicle Replacement Assistance Program for those switching over to a clean machine Click Here.

Keep checking back to the Texas Laws and Incentives page for up to date information on grants, tax credits and other programs. Click Here

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