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GFCI Outlet

Have an outlet question?

Our two most commonly requested outlet services are to move an outlet and add a 220 volt outlet.

Moving an Outlet
Although it may sound like a good idea, it may be either costly or not possible. Usually, the outlet needs to be moved up a wall for a mounted TV, in that case we can tie into the electricity from the current outlet and add one more. Quick, easy, painless. If we physically move the outlet, you’re left with no electricity at that spot and a hole in the wall.

Replacing an Outlet
Replacing outlets is another easy homeowner project. Again, remember to ALWAYS turn electricity off to the area you’re working on. Let’s keep everyone safe, folks. We like the look of Decora outlets, but you may be looking for an outlet with some USB chargers. That comes down to preference.

GFCI Outlets
GFCI (sometimes called GFI outlets) stands for ground-fault circuit interrupter. These outlets are designed to protect people from electrical shock by cutting the electrical current. The outlets are most commonly found in bathrooms, kitchens and garages. Two buttons are found in the middle of the outlet one says ‘Test’ the other, ‘Reset’.  Often power can be restored by resetting the outlet.

220 V Outlets
Usually 220 volt outlets are found running the dryer, an air conditioner, a generator or maybe an air compressor. When inquiring about an install or scheduling an appointment, it’s important to know the distance from the breaker panel to where the outlet needs to be installed, and the necessary voltage and amperage needed.