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Permits Outside Austin Energy:

A permit will be pulled from the governing jurisdiction of your property.  We take care of all the permitting.  Some cities have an online form and others require us to go to their permit office to pull permits.  This process can take anywhere from 1-3 business days depending upon workloads.

Once the permit is active, if you're in Oncor's region, the electrical account holder of the property will need to call their service provider to set up a “temporary outage for a service rebuild.”  We’ll need to coordinate a day that works for them and for us to do the outage so we can both be there.  You’ll need to request either 8 AM or 9 AM for the outage so that we can maximize our time rebuilding the service.  If they aren’t going to get to the job site until noon, we won’t be able to get an inspection in time for them to come back and get your power turned back on.

If you are under Pedernales jurisdiction, we'll schedule the outage with them. 

Once our day is set, we’ll have our inspection scheduled for late morning or early afternoon of the same day.  After we get the service rebuilt, an inspector from the City will come by and sign off on it.  He will call the power company to send someone back out and restore power to the building.  

Unfortunately, we can’t make the appointment with Oncor.  The account holder is the only person who can do this.  You’ll also likely be calling a third party company that just resells power to consumers.  This means you’ll likely be talking to someone who isn’t too familiar with what is going on.  Make sure you specify that it is a temporary outage for the service rebuild.  We’ve had a few jobs where the power company was just planning on shutting the power off to the building as if someone had moved out and they weren’t planning on turning it back on.  

It can be a rather complicated process to coordinate properly.  Because of this, we recommend checking back in with your provider a few days before the project to make sure we are still on the schedule for the project. 

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Permits Outside Austin Energy