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Please note: We need the whole inspection report, not just the electrical section.


Usually, on the front page is a picture of the house which tells us about the foundation, the size of the house or the height of the attic which can make a big difference in quoting electrical repairs. Also, some inspectors write up their concerns and then add pictures on the last pages, those pictures are extremely helpful in estimating cost too. On occasion, some electrical repairs will be slipped into another section like the AC portion.

It's really helpful for us to be able to look at the whole inspection report to make sure we're helping you as much as we can.

Get an Inspection Report Estimate

If you're looking at purchasing a new property, but you're not sure what the electrical repairs may cost we can help sort through the uncertainty. 

What does it cost?

Nothing! However, we can't guarantee that an estimate can be sent within 24 hours. Usually inspectors are very thorough and detailed and we can get all the information we need from the inspection report. We are not able to come take a look, our schedule is almost always too full to visit the house before the option period ends. We understand the option period is a tight schedule on its own. But with a good inspector we won't need to visit the house. We can use the information given in the inspection report along with the pictures provided by the inspector and put together an estimate to fix the problems the inspector found.

When will I hear back?

It typically takes 1-2 business days to get an estimate back, but in some cases it could take a little longer. 

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