Limited Lifetime Product Warranty - $75,000 connected equipment warranty*

Should a surge event occur and cause damage to connected electronic equipment, an Eaton connected equipment Warranty Claim will need to be submitted. To do so, please follow these steps:

1. Contact Eaton Quality Department by emailing or calling 217-732-3131

Eaton requires:

- The damaged Eaton surge device be returned

- A copy of insurance policy information

- Proof of purchase

- Evaluation report from a certified electrician

- Completed questionnaire

2. Eaton requires a detailed description of the event, proof of purchase for the Eaton surge device and a list of the equipment that was damaged.

3. Your surge device will be replaced upon receiving your submitted device. 

- Please contact a certified electrician to install your replacement device.

*see surge warranty for details

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Surge protection is equally as important if you live in an Austin neighborhood or if your neighbors are miles away. The difference is, when lightning strikes in a neighborhood, many homes are affected. Whether your house was struck or the house three doors down, it's not a fun mess to clean up.

We use a whole house surge protector from Eaton. It connects to your main breaker panel and when surges come into the panel the surge protector sends them to the ground, diffusing the electricity.

To install a surge protector the breaker panel must first be properly grounded. If a panel is already properly grounded, then the process takes about 20-30 minutes.

Whole House Surge Protection

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