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Limited Lifetime Product Warranty - $75,000 connected equipment warranty*

Should a surge event occur and cause damage to connected electronic equipment, an Eaton connected equipment Warranty Claim will need to be submitted. To do so, please follow these steps:

1. Contact Eaton Quality Department by emailing or calling 217-732-3131

Eaton requires:

- The damaged Eaton surge device be returned

- A copy of insurance policy information

- Proof of purchase

- Evaluation report from a certified electrician

- Completed questionnaire

2. Eaton requires a detailed description of the event, proof of purchase for the Eaton surge device and a list of the equipment that was damaged.

3. Your surge device will be replaced upon receiving your submitted device. 

- Please contact a certified electrician to install your replacement device.

*see surge warranty for details

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Do you have a surge protector on your computer(s) and entertainment system(s)?

Most likely so, as most of us do.

Envision those same surge protectors that you potentially could have spent hundreds of dollars on all compressed down into one surge protector at your main breaker box.

Not only will it protect your sensitive computers and entertainment systems, but it will also protect everything that is connected to your electrical system.

Think about your AC, microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher, etc.

Things you wouldn't normally think about putting a surge protector on, but are still capable of being damaged by a surge since they have circuit boards and electronics in them.

This one device at your main breaker box will essentially replace those individual surge strips you put at various devices.

There is no reason to get rid of the ones you have since you already have them, but when you add future devices, you don't need to spend the money on expensive surge protection if you have the whole home surge protector at your main breaker box.

You might just need a small, inexpensive strip to get a few extra places to plug equipment in.

We have selected this particular product as the one we recommend because of it's lower cost, the excellent protection that it offers, and it's great warranty.

Sure, you could spend thousands of dollars on a whole-home surge protector, but we don't see the value added over this particular unit.

We do need a modern breaker box with two extra breaker spaces left for the install and a proper ground system in place to make this surge protector effective at your home.

The National Electric Code has deemed these devices so important, that any new construction project or service upgrade is required to have whole home surge protection installed.

Whole House Surge Protection