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We offer a one year warranty on all labor and materials. Basically, if we brought it and installed it, then we'll warranty the item and the labor. If the item was provided and we installed it, then we'll warranty our work on the installation but not the parts.

Other companies make promises of longer warranties which sound like a good idea at first since unexpected electrical work can be costly. But consider this, would big box stores like Best Buy and car companies offer extended warranties if they thought they would lose money on them? It’s a pretty safe bet that they know what they’re doing, so they offer a product that makes us feel better by transferring the risk to them. Then what happens if you never use that warranty? Most of the time if we had saved the money that we spent to extend the warranty we could cover the cost of repair if it were needed.


Instead of adding more money into the cost of our labor and materials for future warranty calls we prefer the route where we cross that bridge when those issues arise. To be honest, issues rarely arise after one year. You can rest easy knowing that we haven’t padded our service charges for possible warranty calls and electrical work or components that suddenly fail after a year is certainly uncommon.

Some might say that one year doesn't seem very long, but the reality is if something was installed incorrectly or the item we installed is a lemon that's something that'll be noticed right away. Electrical material manufactured today is not at risk for going bad in a year by themselves. Of course, if the item was exposed to surge from a nearby lightning strike that could end its’ longevity. Items like outlets and switches used under normal conditions should last for decades; the chances are good that these items would be changed out due to discoloration over time rather than because they stopped working.