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A whole-home surge protector acts as a dam for electricity, stopping as much excess power as possible from entering the home. This excess power could come from a nearby power substation or a lightning strike. 

This unit is installed in the main breaker panel and protects everything inside the home including appliances and larger items that can't be plugged into a surge strip like our computers. More about whole-home surge protectors.

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Electric Car Charger Installation


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Whole Home Surge Protector

Choosing the right charging station for your car can be pretty confusing. We've chosen the most common charging stations and compared them based on the biggest differences we see aside from cost. Check out our EV Charging Station Guide!

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Grayzer Electrician Austin EV Electric Vehicle Charging Station Guide

We're your home's electrician specializing in electric vehicle charging installation and electrical service replacements or breaker panel upgrades. 

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Navigating the world of home charging systems for an electric car is tough for first-time electric car buyers. Wouldn't it be nice if someone could walk you through what all these new terms mean, what an installation would look like and how much it will cost? Most people don't learn about these things in school and that's okay! We're here to demystify the process and the language, helping you understand the installation along the way leaving you with more time to experience your new electric vehicle. 

We've completed over 2,200 EVSE installations since they first began hitting the Austin
roads. We're Tesla certified and have experience with all major charging station brands.

We'll create a car charging installation plan and handle all permitting and inspections 
making your installation process as easy and painless as possible. 

Find out why we're one of Tesla's most recommended installers in the Austin Area.

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